The Center for Healthy Religion

This is a page where I am collecting ideas for a non-profit organization I am interested in possibly founding, The Center for Healthy Religion (CHR).

CHR’s mission will be ____________________________________________________.


People who’ve written about HR who interest me in this endeavor:

  • Walter Kania – author of Healthy Religion
  • Harvey Edser, who blogs as The Evangelical Liberal
  • Rev. Val Webb, author of Like Catching Water in a Net and In Defense of Doubt
  • Rev. Rich Knight, Trinitarian Congregational Church, North Andover, Mass.
  • Dr. Mark Banschick, with this article in Psychology Today
  • Steven Kalas, behavioral health consultant and columnist in the Las Vegas Review-Journal
  • Rabbi Linda Holtzman
  • Rabbi Dayle Friedman
  • Rabbi Marsha Freedman
  • Rev. Melanie Oommen
  • Rev. Dan Bryant
  • Rabbi Marjorie Berman