“Let’s Go, My People!”–Remarks at the 2019 Women+s March Olympia

Great words from my friend & colleague, Rabbi Seth Goldstein

Rabbi 360

I was honored to be invited to deliver remarks as part of the opening program at the Women’s March in Olympia on January 19. Here is what I shared:

Shabbat shalom!

“A Sabbath of peace” is what we say today, but today is going to be a Sabbath of causing ruckus.

Thank you, it is an honor to be here with you today on this sacred occasion, a sacred day on our calendar but also a day made sacred and special by this gathering here today. I am humbled to be up here with these powerful voices of truth we have just heard and will hear.

In the Jewish liturgical tradition, we read the entirety of our sacred Scripture, the Torah, the first five books of the bible over the course of a year. Beginning in the fall, each week on the Sabbath we read a section, beginning with Genesis…

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