Healthy and unhealthy religion (continued)

Maurice here: just discovered this person who blogs at “The Evangelical Liberal.” Though the language and symbols of his or her faith are different than mine, I sense some kindred values and approaches to religion in general, and so I thought I’d re-post one of his/her posts (still trying to find out the name of the blogger)….


Continued from Healthy and unhealthy religion Characteristics of unhealthy religion Conversely, some obvious characteristics of unhealthy religion might include abuse, control, repression, coercion…

Source: Healthy and unhealthy religion (continued)

2 thoughts on “Healthy and unhealthy religion (continued)

  1. Hi Maurice, thanks very much for reblogging my old post! 🙂

    My real name is Harvey – I’m a 40-something web editor / dad / musician / various other things, and I hail from the lovely town of Croydon near London.

    I’d currently describe myself as a ‘Confused Christian’ 😉 – I don’t subscribe fully to any particular denomination or set of doctrines, I’m happily uncertain over many issues of belief, and I’m open to ideas from other faiths and none. What I’ve experienced throughout my life has led me to put my particular trust in the one we call Jesus, but I still believe that God is at work in and through all people regardless of their religion.

    Though as you’ve seen I do think that some approaches to religion or ways of practising faith are more healthy and helpful than others. And that applies to each and every religion, including my own of course.

    I’d be very interested to hear more of your background and your own perspectives, and I look forward to reading your blog!


    1. Hi Harvey – thanks for getting in touch! I appreciate your way of holding and drawing nourishment from Christianity even as you bring your (sacred in my view) doubts and questions into open dialogue with the mysteries of faith. I’d love to chat sometime if you’d like, either by Skype or just via emails. Sorry for the slow response time – it’s been a crazily busy month… Blessings! Maurice


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